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A Corporate Story #AmNotAuthor #JustSharing

Every day, a small 🐜 Ant arrives at work very early and starts work immediately.
🐜 She produces a lot and she was happy.
The Chief, 🐯 a Tiger, was surprised to see that 🐜 the Ant was working without supervision.
🐯 He thought if the 🐜 Ant can produce so much without supervision, wouldn’t she produce even more if she had a supervisor!
So 🐯 he recruited a 🐝 Bee who had extensive experience as πŸ‘· supervisor and who was famous for πŸ“ writing excellent reports.
The 🐝 Bee’s first decision was to set up a πŸ”” clocking in attendance system.
🐝 He also needed a secretary to help him write and type his reports and he recruited a πŸ‡Rabbit , who managed the archives and monitored ☎ all phone calls.
🐯 The Tiger was delighted with the 🐝 Bee's reports and asked him to produce πŸ“Š graphs to describe production rates and to analyse πŸ“‰ trends, so that he could use them for πŸ“ presentations at Board‘s meetings.
So the 🐝 Bee had to buy a πŸ’» new computer and a Laser printer and recruited a 🐈 Cat to manage the 🌐 IT department.
The🐜 Ant, who had once been so productive and relaxed, hated this new plethora of paperwork and meetings which used up most of her time…!
🐯 The Tiger came to the conclusion that it was high time to nominate a person in charge of the department where the 🐜 Ant worked.
The position was given to the πŸ’ Monkey, whose first decision was to buy an Air Conditioner and an ergonomic πŸ’Ί chair for his office.
The new person in charge, πŸ’ the Monkey, also needed a πŸ’» computer and a personal assistant , who he brought from his previous department, to help him prepare a πŸ“‘ Work and πŸ“ƒ 'Budget Control Strategic Optimisation Plan' …
The Department where the 🐜 Ant works is now a sad place, where nobody laughs anymore and everybody has become upset...
It was at that time that the 🐝 Bee convinced the boss, 🐯 the Tiger; of the absolute necessity to start a climatic study of the environment .
Having reviewed the charges for running the 🐜 Ant’s department , the 🐯 Tiger found out that the Production was much less than before.
So he recruited the 🐀 Owl, a prestigious and renowned consultant to carry out an audit and suggest solutions.
🐀 The Owl spent three months in the department and came up with an enormous report, in several volumes, that concluded...
“ The Department is overstaffed ...”
Guess who the 🐯 Tiger fires first?
Of course, 🐜 the Ant.........,
"....because she showed lack of motivation and had a negative attitude. "
"The Characters in this fable are fictitious; any resemblance to real people or facts within the Corporation is pure coincidence only…" i am just sharing... I am not the Author.


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